We come from the High-Frequency Trading Environment. Our team

has many talented PhDs who contribute in writing blogs to 

keep retail traders informed without using complex mathematical equations. 

Dear Trader, 

If you don't know how the market's micromechanics work, you are likely to become prey to algorithms. Most day traders lose money because the market is designed to transfer dumb money to smart money.

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Our Story

We come from the High-Frequency Trading Environment. In the current market conditions, one needs to be proactive and get ahead of other traders.

Our Vision

We hope to bring complex tools which are only available to large institutions to the retail. Your tools were developed from decades of experience.

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. powered signal processor and forecaster are here! When you activate your account, you’ll have the power of our A.I black box. Our models are constantly updated.


Most Popular Product


Volume Bars Forecast

Volume Forecast Indicator for ThinkOrSwim. Volume forecast is a method of predicting the demand or supply of an instrument at specific times in the future. Unlike price predictions, volume prediction is more reliable. Our volume bar forecast allows the user to know how much volume will be traded in a block of time. Works only for US Listed Stocks.

Free Total Volume Forecast Web App

A high total volume is an indicator of a high level of interest in an instrument. It is an especially important tool when combined with technical analysis. The total volume is also a good indicator of potential short squeezes or traps. Trending stocks usually tend to have a particular volume pattern. Works only for US Listed Stocks.


Daily Entries and Exits

There are more than 20,000 historical charts where the strategies were applied. The same execution rules were used for every chart You get to practice your pattern recognition abilities until it becomes second nature.

New charts are added at the end of every trading session.

Volume Forecast Simplified Book

There are literally thousands of trading strategies out there but which ones work and which ones don’t. Which chatrooms strategies are scams? Which ones are profitable and which ones are not? 

600, 000 Trades were performed and analysed!

We answered that by testing the 5 most popular strategies taught in chatrooms that charge people thousands of dollars.


Discipline Booster Program

This is a free program that is designed for trading mental conditioning. Not only your trading executions will get sharper, but you will also increase your Emotional Intelligence in other areas of your life.


At the end of the program, you can expect your discipline when executing trades to be boosted. Most traders fail because of a lack of discipline not because of a lack of edge. This hands-on program may be the boost you will ever need.


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Our team has many talented PhDs who contribute to writing blogs to keep retail traders informed without using complex mathematical equations. 

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