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1. Unlimited strategy practice

Use our practice tool to sharpen your pattern recognition skills. We have hundreds of charts. Once you know what strategy to use, you can implement the strategy rules described in the report. This tool isn't like any other trading tool where you are given a paper trade account and left on your own.

The first step after studying the report is to identify patterns and guess the correct strategies. Mastering this skill will bring you one step closer to your profitability here:

There is no limit in how much you can try. Try until it becomes a reflex!

2. Thousands of charts categorised by pattern

You can choose any date and you will get to see how we traded those stocks depending on the strategy!

You can apply 3-4 different strategies to a chart as long as the strategy has an exploitable edge here:

3. Realtime Entries and Exits (at EOD) (Free membership required)

4. Long term swing trading alerts (BETA)

A list of stock that has a high cash burn and will gap up soon. We have algorithms that scan the SEC filings to look for those stocks. Noone can read 8000 files a day. Our computers can.

See the Section on High-Cash burn in the Report to get a deeper understanding.

A snapshot can be found in this blog post.

5. News Analytics (BETA)

See section on News in the report. A preview can be found in this blog post.

6. A lot of free downloads

You get downloads that are referenced in the report from here:

7. Free BETA bagholder ThinkOrSwim Indicators

8. Free Delayed Volume Forecast App (Free Membership Required)

9. Free Irregular volume forecast alerts (Free Membership Required)

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