Quant vs Trader? Who is better?

Quant or Quantitative researchers and Trade executors are two completely different jobs. A quant role is to search for market inefficiency and develop strategies that have an edge.

Traders, on the other hand, execute these strategies as efficiently as possible.

It is extremely difficult to become good at both since both of them are different careers that require different mindsets and personalities. Making money from the markets is a teams sport.

A successful quant needs to have a fighting spirit to stay ahead of the competition, after all, most quants are MIT / Harvard PhD graduates with high IQ's!

A trader needs to have a very high EQ - emotional intelligence. They need to constantly work on their discipline and lifestyle to execute the strategies.

At DrVolume, we give you the strategies that work, and also the mental preparation. Our computer models run 24/7 to find inefficiencies.

How to become good at either?

Do you have a strategy that works? Do you have enough data to prove and backtest it?

If you don't have a strategy, we would highly recommend checking out this book that details the process of strategy development.

The book contains 5 strategies that have been backtested.

If you have a strategy and you are confident that it works, you can always join our 5-Day Mental Toughness Trading challenge to refine your trade execution skills.

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